Make bSafe part of your lifestyle, and connect with family and friends to stay safe.

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This Is Why Our Users Love Us...


Danielle J, USA

I use bSafe every day! The interface is super fun and so easy to use. If I’m looking for my keys in the dark, I tap the flashlight. I always set up a timer for a Fake Call when I’m on blind dates. It’s the best exit strategy!


Stian T, Norway

bSafe saved my life! Without the bSafe alarm that immediately notified my Friends that I needed help and about my exact location, I would probably have died from the injuries from the accident I had while hiking.


Mercedes M, USA

With bSafe You my husband doesn´t have to worry about me anymore and neither do I! It´s the perfect app to get out the door and just do what you love to do every single day with peace of mind knowing you are connected to anyone you care about!


Camilla B, UK

This app is my personal hero. I have no problem walking by myself in heels to meet up with friends in the city now cuz they are always with me on bSafe 🙂 thank you for creating this!!!