bSafe provides you with several features to make you feel safe.
Here is a description of each and every one.

Unlimited Friends

Add as many friends and family members as you want to, in that way you will have a bigger and better safety net.

You choose one person as your primary contact. In case of an emergency this one contact will not only receive a text, but also get a call.

Friendship is mutual. When a Friend accepts your invitation, you are automatically that person´s Friend too. Help each other stay safer!

Alert Friends

Help is only one tap away! Alert your friends that you are in danger by tapping the SOS button.

When alarm is triggered you set off a siren (optional), and bSafe starts recording video and voice as well as broadcasting your location…all at once!

Video, voice, location and time stamps are all stored securely in our servers. you always have access if you need to share this data with the police.

I'm Here

Check in and share your location with selected people.

Fake Call

Blind date? Set your bSafe Fake Call on 60 minutes and make sure you have an excuse if needed.



For jogs, hikes, or active times - use Follow Me with Timer.
Define how long you want bSafe You to follow your steps and if you have not checked in on time, the bSafe alarm will automatically trigger and alert all your Friends. But don´t worry, you can always update your timer as you move.

Follow Me

Invite friends to walk with you via live GPS trace. Now you never have to walk alone again! When Friends accept your invitation and join your journey, bSafe notifies you immediately. This way you always know who is watching over you.